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Future from the past


When I was a kid, there where few design items which came to my knowledge the very first time and I was totally impressed. One of those was Futuro house. Adults and adulthood seemed quite boring but then there were handful of designers who created objects, even a house, which blew my mind and I could find interesting. I think it gave me another perspective. Kids need more playful adults in their lives, that’s for sure! So you can imagine that i was quite excited when exhibition centre Weegee asked me to design Futuro earrings for them.

photo from WeeGee website by Emma Suominen

Matti Suuronen designed Futuro 1969 when his friend needed a ski lodge. I wanted to make the earrings like the house but not too obvious. Futuros vibrant yellow and deep red are super 60s and I wanted to ad few extra colors to get more timeless colour palette. With fun shapes, bold characters and sassy colours you feel the energy of the time; playful and definitely not too serious.

Futuro in instagram

La Kiva x Futuro collaboration earrings are available in WeeGee center Espoo and emmashop.fi