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Look Closer!

What are the La Kivas made of?


The main material is high quality Finnish Plywood from local factory 30 km from La Kiva studio. 3mm thick birch plywood is light like feather yet super strong. Perfect for bold and big earrings.

Birch plywood has stunning structural beauty of timber and its grown strong in cold northern climate. It is known all over the world ad highly valued.


Acryl mainly from UK, some recycled, it depends on design. Acryl is also light and strong with vivid colors, giving our Neo futuristic designs final touch.


Metal parts are selection of different materials. All the metal attached your ear are always surgical steel aka stainless steel. It’s safe and does not release nickel.

We order our metal from Finnish suppliers (which have strict EU based policies for stainless steel) and straight from Polish factory . Other than steel materials are gilded (18k/24k) sterling steel or sterling silver , depends on design, but all these details you can find from shop on each product.